On leaving Wittgenstein’s door shut for almost two years:

A Cafe in Vieux-Port Marseille, 1932 Henri Cartier Bresson.

I find it hard to believe that my last blog was more than 2 years ago. I was forced to stop my my education by many factors including due to the Covid pandemic and due to income from photography dwindling to nothing.

It is ironic that my last project was about research. There was no need for me to stop my research. But I did:-Effectively I shut my door to further research and guess what? I stopped growing.

Today I decided to pick up the pieces again, restart my business and resume my research. I don’t know the future nor do I have a fixed plan yet. But it is the research and interaction with my fellow students that I missed the most. I am not going to let this define my next steps, nor lead me into regrets. It is what it is.

I intend to continue my research and update this blog in spite of not being able to continue my studies at this time. Please feel free to read further. Just a note: this information, while it may still be open to anyone willing to read, no longer, or for now… form part of my accredited studies at Falmouth University.

I would like this moment to congratulate my fellow students that successfully concluded their studies and wish them all the best for the future. And for those that still follow me, please continue to do so: while my voice is still around and I want to be heard.

I chose the photograph above deliberately as it is Henri’s work that I relate to the most. Recording the world around me and using form and gesture to tell the story as I see it. I would like to expand my visual vocabulary, find my own place and live! Its time to go out and follow the images reflected in the windows. The time of looking from the inside out is over! No need to push. just open the door!